Managers and Supervisors: Are you Frustrated With a Problem Employee?

Would you like expert advice on how to resolve problem behaviors, such as absenteeism, tardiness, negative attitudes, interpersonal conflict, and poor quality work?

If you're like most managers and supervisors, having to deal with people problems is the most difficult part of the job. Employees can become hostile or defensive when their behavior or performance is called into question, turning an ordinary conversation into a nasty confrontation. You may feel it's easier to just tolerate the situation and do nothing about it, hoping the problem will resolve itself. Unfortunately, this strategy rarely works. Instead, problems usually get worse. You become increasingly resentful and ultimately end up having to reassign or terminate the employee anyway.

It could be a lot easier. All you need are the right tools and resources for diagnosing problems and getting the employee's performance back on track in a way that eliminates the potential for hostility and defensiveness.

Expert Supervisor's unique consultation feature gives you expert advice on how to solve over 45 different types of employee behavior and performance problems. Select from the list of problem situations the one that most closely resembles your situation and click on Begin Consultation. Expert Supervisor prompts you for information regarding the specific nature of your situation and the employee's prior history. Based on how you answer the questions, Expert Supervisor suggests an appropriate corrective action.

Expert Supervisor takes you, step-by-step, through the process of assessing problem situations and identifying the appropriate action to take in every situation. Expert Supervisor will help you:

  • Identify the underlying cause of the problem
  • Find the right words to use when discussing the matter with the employee
  • Establish clear expectations for future performance
  • Overcome sources of employee resistance
  • Easily document the situation for future reference

Expert Supervisor helps you solve problems while building an effective working relationship with your employees.

Traditional approaches to employee discipline rely on the threat of punishment - such as warnings, reprimands, and suspensions - as a motivator for employees to improve. Punishment is ineffective as a motivator because it fails to address the underlying cause of the problem and because it undermines the supervisor's relationship with the employee.

In contrast, Expert Supervisor uses a positive approach, based on principles of coaching, problem-solving, and individual responsibility. It incorporates a simple three-step process for correcting employee behavior and performance deficiencies - a process focused on solving the problem, rather than casting blame. Each step in this process is carefully designed to facilitate open communication between the supervisor and employee and strengthen the employee's commitment.This positive, upbeat approach has been used successfully in hundreds of organizations of every size and industry.

Expert Supervisor helps you communicate more effectively, become a better problem solver, and lead a productive team of people that work together well.

Included are hundreds of ideas, examples, strategies, sample memos and letters, and valuable tips on how to deal with virtually any type of employee or problem situation - all designed to help you become more effective as a leader.

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